Pinterest App

app redesign | UI | UX | report book design | typesetting
Project Overview
Pinterest is popular catalog application. However, through my survey and interview, there are still many complain about the interface of landing screen, profile screen. My purpose of redesigning is that making the application more organized and connected.
Through my research and interviews -

There are many effective pins but the platform is confused users with unorganized content.
Some features on newest version are distracting users somehow.
The app is known as social media, but users do not connect each other.
The board is the unique feature of Pinterest, but on the Pinterest App, we need 5 tabs to create the new board, and 9 more tabs to upload our own photo from the library.
Also, choosing the photo from library limits with only one photo upload each time.

The redesigned version -

No long frame for the long post, all posts have the same size and include the number of people pinned and tried.
New feature of “tag” makes the connection to others. Also, new shape circle of “Pin” will be consistent with the pin.
New feature of the searching board by voice, call your board’s name, easier to find with multiple boards.Reduced size of the photo and name text makes more space for other elements.
Setting and Add feature on two sides bring the feeling of balance for the whole screen.
There are a lot of people have multiple pins on one board. Creating the board on the board will help users organize their pins by dividing in the collection.
It will be easier to search for pins and boards.Board in board will help users organize their pin by their own way, personality, and collection.