interaction ebook design | typesetting | image making | motion graphic
Project Overview
The project indicates the modern cooking process that breaks the rule of Pho, the Vietnamese traditional dish. The project is created as an ebook that involves discovering how new versions of Pho also can bring the impactful influence as the traditional Pho. The ebook is basically cooking process of new versions of Pho that currently have only in Vietnam. The ebook is designed in unusual way by using multimedia of interactions, photography and motion graphics to present cooking methods. This technique is created in order to break the barriers of tradition including cooking methods and ebook design.
The target audiences will be people who love Pho, Vietnamese Americans who live far away from Vietnam and do not have chance to try new taste of Pho, and people who love cooking and want to explore new recipes of Pho.
An interactive ebook is a special form that is mixed between digital book and application. The ingredients and cooking method are designed in motion graphic that people can have fun and be easy to memorize.
Vietnamese created two special features that bring the unique Pho by adding roasted ginger and onion into the broth, and adding herbs and sprouts on top before serving.